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Barking Frogs is all about creating unique branded swag that is both practical and great looking. Our goal is to have your name stand out while your clients are out having fun!

Barking Frogs creates custom branded multi-functional SPORTS products (Barkies, sleeves, beanies) for your race, event, Team, company or organization.

Our team of artists create unique Customized designs to make sure your swag stands out.

Come take a look at what we have to offer!



   No sizing nightmares


Light weight and easy to ship


Priced for easy giveaways


   Custom packaging available


   Cool enough to sell


   Compact and easy to store



Contact us TODAY for a free consult on how we can turn your ho-hum swag into crazy cool gear that people will want to wear.. OVER AND OVER.

Multifunctional headgear is a VITAL piece of equipment for anyone who plays or competes in the outdoors. Being protected from the elements is CRITICAL. Staying warm in the cold, cool in the heat, wicking away sweat and keeping out the elements can turn a good day into a GREAT DAY.
— MICHAEL CHASTAINE, Mountain Bike & Adventure Racer, Team BFrog ambassador
If you can’t go big, then go loud.... All the better if you can do both.
— BARK, The world's most interesting frog