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Barking Frogs is all about creating unique branded swag that is both practical and great looking. Our goal is to have your name stand out while your clients are out having fun!


Event swag and branded promo gear should be great in the moment but also practical and usable for many adventures afterwards. Our goal is to make sure your brand is seen over and over again because your swag is worn over and over again.


There is no reason why your gear shouldn’t be great looking and fun to wear – the only limit to design possibilities is the imagination!

The only limit is OUR imagination because ALL the art work is included in the pricing. Yes that’s right, we do all the art work for you at no extra charge.


Contact us for more information and a price list. Only want a few? Check out our SHOP page for some great in-stock designs. We also offer discount pricing on the in-stock products when ordered in quantities of 6 or more units. Contact us for more info.

Please fill out the form below for more information on how to order your custom Barking Frogs gear or call 888-578-7443 or e-mail We will do our best to contact you within one business day, unless, of course…. We are out on an adventure!

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T-shirts are great but we all have a TON of them. Promoting your race or brand doesn’t happen in a drawer or in the garage. Why not offer your athletes and fans something they will use over and over again. My races are tough. Competitors pack light to go fast and their gear must be versatile and practical. I give everyone a custom Barkie and they use them and love them.
— ADRIAN CRANE, Founder of Gold Rush Adventure Racing, LLC and extreme outdoor athlete
When a frog barks, pretend you didn’t hear. When you bark, pretend it was your frog. If anyone else barks... run.
— BARK, The world's most interesting frog